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Sensenich Propeller Service, Inc. (SPS) is an FAA-Certified Repair Station for quality aircraft propeller and governor overhaul, repair and sales, including all McCauley Propellers and Governors, all Hartzell Propellers and Governors, most Woodward and Ontic Governors, all MT-Propellers and Governors, some Dowty Propellers, some Hamilton Standard Propellers and Governors, and all Sensenich Propellers. We have been servicing General Aviation for over 65 years.

With over 65 years of servicing general aviation, air taxi operators, corporate, government and regional airlines, SPS now has three strategically-located repair facilities in the U.S. at airports in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Committed to providing superior customer service, Sensenich has established a long-standing reputation within the aircraft industry as a quality, knowledgeable and reliable FAA-Certified Repair facility. Our equipment is certified and calibrated to N.I.S.T. standards. With special expertise in fixed-pitch, constant-speed and turbine propeller and governor index.htmservice, Sensenich's professional staff is here to help you maintain the quality, and more importantly -- the safety of your propeller.

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